Simplicity 8765 DIY Costume!

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Today's post is all about this cute little costume that I made for my son using Simplicity 8765, view B! This pattern is the first of my 13 Fall sewing projects to get completed!  Yay!! If you want to see my baby boy in action running around in his costume, you can watch the review on Youtube by clicking here!

OK!!! So what I made is a mouse costume for my son to wear around the house, and to also wear to Zoo Boo, which I talked about on my Sewing Plans video (you can watch that by clicking here), AND it was my previous blog post. Isn't this just the cutest little costume and doesn't he look adorable in it??!! (Keep reading below)

I absolutely love the fact that I will have memories of making my children items and them being able to look back at it and appreciate it later on in videos and pictures when they get older.  This pattern, for me, was super duper easy to make, however, it is not beginner friendly.  You will need more than basic sewing skills to complete the project. An advanced beginner may be able to complete it.

There were 10 pattern pieces to cut out and I used gray fleece for the main body and tail, I stuffed the tail with poly fil, and I used white fleece with a white zipper for the front body.   The lining of the hood is also in white fleece so that he stays warm when we are outside.  I used an eggshell colored rib knit for the arm and leg bands and I used faux fur for the front of the ears. For the face, I used black felt (eyes and nose) and I used a decorative stitch for the mouth!  I cut a size number two and if you look at the model on the pattern cover, the fit is supposed to be baggy within the body but fit in the arms and legs, and the costume came out exactly like that!  It is perfect!!! 

I would definitely make this again especially after seeing how cute he is in it, but I would make it in one of the other views so that he had a variety. I hope you enjoyed the blog and pictures and don't forget to visit the Youtube channel if you want to see him in action. You can see it by clicking here! Thank you for reading!! Bye!!! (More pictures below)

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