Introducing.... The Fruity Fashion Collection Series!

Hello! I hope you are having a fabulous day! Today I am excited to share with you a new themed sewing series that I am starting now and it will carry on throughout the remainder of the summer!

The title of this the series is the……….. "Fruity Fashion Collection”

My inspiration for making this series is from admiring all of the clothes that I have seen that have different fruits printed on them and I also made my first fruit dress a little while ago that had lemons on the fabric and I just loved how it turned out!

I love to wear dresses and I noticed while wearing my lemon dress that if I make dresses with fruity fabric, I will still be able to wear a dress but I won’t be over dressed because in my opinion, the fruit makes the garment appear to be on the more casual side. I made a whole video announcing and explaining how the series is going to work! I also shared all of the fruity fabrics that I plan to use. To watch the video, please click below or you can click here! If you do not wish to view the video, I have added pictures below for you to at least see which fabrics I will be using for this series! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you follow along during this series!!

This first fabric below is a Strawberry, border print fabric with black polka dots!!! This will be used to make the first garment!!!

This orange themed fabric (below), is a cotton jersey knit! I will be using this to make the second garment!

Below you will find the cherry themed fabric! The cherry prints are two inches in size and it has white polka dots on the fabric as well!

The next fabric below has lemons, but I purchased it for the blueberries. I couldn't find anything with just blueberries but because they are one of my favorite fruits, I had to purchase it. The lemons are huge on this fabric and there is writing on the fabric as well. It looks like a beautiful vintage fabric!

This next fabric is watermelon themed! I grew up eating a lot of watermelon and it served as desert during the summer so I definitely couldn't leave this fruit out!!

This last print is does not look good as the lighting was bad, but this is a lemon print with a gingham background. When I purchased this fabric, I had not even thought of doing this series and I was just focused on buying lemon prints and I loved the gingham background!


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