Family Holiday Music Video Production!

Happy Holidays everyone! During these uncertain times, my family and I decided to get together and spread holiday cheer to those who need it and who would simply enjoy it!!

This video is a family production! The music was rearranged and produced by husband and all of the voices singing and rapping in the video are our actual voices recorded with my husband's studio equipment! BONUS!!!!! My husband and my brother WROTE their own raps! The video was filmed and produced (all edits), by my oldest son! It was filmed in my home town in the downtown location while my son was home for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making this! Happy holidays from our family to yours!!!!!! Click here to watch the video or click the video below!!! Don't forget to subscribe!!!!

Group picture for Thumbnail (Below) ; Click the picture above to watch the video!


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