Fall Sewing Plans!! 13 Projects!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blogl! Today I am sharing with you my Fall 2020 sewing plans! You can also watch it here on my YouTube channel by clicking here!! So...... when I initially made these plans, I felt that I had realistic plans and goals, but knowing that fall is only through December 21st, I am not so sure that I will be able to complete all of my planned projects but I will surely try!

So lets jump into the plans! Project #1 This year has been a very boring year to say the least for my baby boys (due to COVID). They have not gone out of the house much but when they do go out I see how much joy they have especially when we are at places like that playground because of the child friendly environment. Because of that, I decided that I am going to take them to Zoo Boo this year to get them out of the house and create some HAPPY 2020 memories! If you are not familiar with Zoo Boo, it’s an event held at Zoos where children can dress up in costumes and trick or treat in a safely. Now, I am not really a Halloween person and I’m definitely not into the witch and goblin costumes but I am ok with non-scary and non-demonic characters for fun. With that being said, I am going to make a mouse costume (a fish was his first choice but I couldn't find it in his size), for my two year old using Simplicity 8765, View B and I’m going to make this to look exactly like the pattern except for the fur. Instead of using the regular faux fur that has the longer hairs that stick out, I am going to use the more plush fur because I have some in my stash.

Project #2 Simplicity 9186. This is a Mimi G Pattern and I am going to make view B, which is the shorter version. I have some brown plaid wool fabric in my stash that I purchased from Walmart and it came in a 3 yard bundle.

I also purchased some chocolate brown ribbed knit from fabric.com for the bottom half of the sleeves.

Project #3 I plan to make another Mimi G pattern which is Simplicity 9182 and I am going to make view C, the skirt but I may eliminate the pockets. I have the same exact fabric that she is modeling on the pattern envelope in my stash, and I also noticed that I have the same fabric that she used to make her shirt so I may make the whole outfit! We will surely be twinning! Project #4 Simplicity 9011 view A is a dress that I have been wanting to make and It looks very simple to make. I love the sleeves on this dress which is why I was drawn to it. I have not decided which fabric I want to use to make this dress but I have many options because my stash is huge! Project #5 I also love the sleeves on Simplicity 8688, view A and the diagonal hem. I have orange and black fabric from my stash that I plan to use for this. Project #6 Another Simplicity pattern that I am going to make is Simplicity 9018. This is another easy pattern and I have some sweater knit fabric that would be perfect for the dress, which is view A. If I have enough fabric within my bundle, I will consider making views B and D as a matching set instead of view A. Project #7 Simplicity 8219 is a pattern that I have been trying to make for the longest! I actually have fur in my stash that I had in mind for a coat but I think I will go ahead and use it to make this and figure out what to do with the scraps. Project #8

I have some beautiful navy blue fabric with huge flowers in it that I purchased from Mexico last year, June 2019, that I plan to use to make McCall’s 8113, View B, and I am very excited to see how that will turn out! Project #9

McCall’s 7979 View C is a garment that I can see myself in and being real relaxed in. However, I am not a fan of the sleeves not going to the wrist so I will more than likely extend the lower sleeve length.

Project #10 New Look 6469. I have already made this pattern in the color red using View D, but I really liked how it turned out and I need a simple black dress in my wardrobe because I can no longer fit the one that I had, so I am going to make this again in either view A or view D with solid black ponte knit fabric that was gifted to me for my birthday.

Project #11 I purchased some velvet fabric two years ago to make Burda 6850 view B!!! I am determined to make it this fall.

Project #12

Vouge 1723! I truly love this dress in view A! I am going to make this out of the same navy blue with flowers fabric that I mentioned earlier! I absolutely love the simple line of the dress AND you get the nice tie that I will make into a bow! Love, Love, Love! Project #13 I am not sure which pattern I will be using, but I do plan to sew pajama’s for our holiday family photos and I will have to make them in the fall in order to get our pictures taken. Stay tuned for which pattern I will use! Welp, that is it for my fall sewing plans! I have a good variety to keep me busy through December 21st! I will post pictures on instagram and post reviews on my Youtube channel as I get the garments made so stay tuned!

Let me know in the comments which pattern was your favorite or which ones you can see yourself making AND… do you think I can achieve my goals in this time frame?? I would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you so much for stopping by! Until next time, bye!


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