Fabric Haul!!!! Los Angeles Fabric Haul!

Hello Queens!! Today's post is all about the fabric that I purchased from my most recent visit to LA! I found a lot of amazing choices that I think you will love! My purpose for making the stop downtown LA was to pick up some faux fur, which was the highlight of the haul...... everything else was a bonus!! You can see the picture of the faux fur for my coat below in the first picture below! I also purchased five different stretch velvet fabrics and one sheer cut of fabric for 1.99 per yard each!!!! I have a couple of those pictures below but please feel free to click here to watch the full haul on my Youtube channel!! Click this link here to watch it on Youtube and let me know your thoughts!! Don't forget to subscribe!!!!!!!!!! See you next time!!!

Faux Fur for the coat below!

Sheer Fabric (Below)

Stretch Velvet (Below)

Youtube Thumbnail (Below)


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