DIY Oversized Hoodie-Simplicity 9456

Simplicity 9456

Hello everyone and HAPPY Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by the blog!! My name is Talisha and I also go by CreativiteByT and I welcome you to my channel!!

So today's post is my second entry into the #imsofestive challenge that was hosted by Delilah of Simply Delilah and Kim of Kim Gaddy Sews! I actually made this last week but didn't get time to post it on the blog.... This challenge began November 10th and it ended on December 17th, but in order to participate all you had to do is sew something festive for yourself or someone else and enter it into the challenge by tagging the hosts! As my contribution to the #imsofestivechallenge, I made Simplicity 9456, which is an oversized hoodie! Note: If you want to watch the full review with video clips and more information, please click here to watch it on my YouTube channel!

Reason for Making: When I originally made my December Sewing Plans, I had intentions on sewing a different hoodie pattern with my festive fabric to participate in this challenge, and the original pattern that I had planned to use was Simplicity 9240! That particular hoodie pattern is your regular style of a hoodie, and that would have worked out just fine, but after putting a little more thought into it, I went through my patterns and I came across this one!! I loved the idea of an oversized hoodie because of all of the many possibilities of warmth!! I absolutely fell in love with the idea of this jumbo hoodie so I had to make sure that I had enough fabric to make it, which I did and here it is! To get more information on the hoodie and my experience while making it, please click here to watch the FUN review on my YouTube channel! Below you will find photos of me in the hoodie and pattern review!

Front view - below

Side view - below

Side view- below

Front view, hood off - below

Front view, hood off - below

Front view, hood on with drawstring pulled - below

Front view, hood completely on - below

Back view - below

Front view, hood on and hands in pocket- below

Front view - below

Front view - below

Pattern used - below

Pattern Review

Pattern Number: Simplicity 9456 Pattern Description: Unisex oversized hoodies, pants and booties… View: There are four views to this pattern. I made view B FABRIC Recommendations: Stretch Knits only such as fleece, sweatshirt fleece, terry knit and minky. It also suggest ribbed knits for the sleeve bands. Sewing Skill Level: Not rated but it is very easy. Pattern Pieces: I used six pattern pieces to make this hoodie. The pattern pieces that I used were the front, back, the front pocket, sleeve, the hood and sleeve bands. The front, back and hood are lined so you will cut those pattern pieces out twice. Notions Needed: Thread, and 1 ¾ yard of ½ twill tape. The twill tape is to thread through the hood to tighten it up while wearing it so you can definitely replace that with something equivalent that will do the job.

Pattern Sizing: XS - XL

Size that I Cut: Large Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes What did you particularly like about the pattern? The oversized look, the pocket, the dropped shoulders and the hood!

What did you particularly dislike about the pattern? Nothing Did I learn any new Techniques: No Did I have a first time experience: Yes, this was my first time making a pull over hoodie. The other hoodies that I have made in the past were zipped hoodies. Fabric Used: I used this cute and festive reindeer blizzard fleece from Joan Fabrics!!! For my lining I used sherpa.

Purchased: Joan Fabrics Buttons Used: None

Alterations or changes: Yes, when I cut the pattern out and transferred my markings for the pocket, I laid the pocket piece down on the front and noticed that the bottom of the pocket was only about four inches from the bottom of the hoodie. When you look at the model on the pattern cover, there's at least 10-12 inches below the pocket so I moved my pocket up by eight inches. PLEASE WATCH THE REVIEW FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS! You can watch the review by clicking here! Any modification recommendations: I would recommend that if you make this pattern, that you pin your pocket piece to your hoodie prior to sewing it down to make sure that your markings are in the correct place. Would you recommend it to others? Yes! I would definitely recommend this to others. Availability: This pattern just came out as the Winter collection in 2021 so this is definitely available in the stores and it is also available online and you can purchase it by clicking here! However, this is a really hot ticket because every time I have looked at this pattern online, it says it is out of stock, so your best bet will be to find it at your local JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.


Earrings/Necklace: I am wearing my ornament earrings to go with the festive holiday theme! All My Best!! Talisha


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