2021 Quilt Project

Hey!!! If you remember from a previous post or my Youtube video, you would know that I plan to make a puff quilt this year... Now, I don't have a deadline for when the project will be completed but I do want to get started on it seeing that January is ALREADY over!!! Time certainly gets away from me so I decided to get some prep work done on yesterday. Part of that prep work was going to the fabric stores to see what my options were with fabric. Colors for the quilt- I want the primary color to be black and the secondary color to be either gold, silver or something that makes the quilt pop.

If you would like to see which fabrics that I am picking from, please click the video below to watch or you can click here!!! I will also insert some pictures of my options below. Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think about my fabric options!

Video and pictures below

Below you will find pictures of the fabrics that I am going to choose from. Which is your favorite?


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