Tecoma Blouse

It has been a very long time, actually since November, that I have been able to participate in a Sew Your View sew-along on Instagram that is hosted by @thatsewmonica. The Sew Your View sew-alongs is a challenge for people to sew the same garment and share their final makes by posting it on Instagram for others to see. I love participating especially when the pattern is something that I feel would really look good on me, and now that the little ones are getting older and a little more independent, I am able to sit at the sewing machine while they play and sew more than I have been able to in the last couple of years. With that being said, I was able to participate in the challenge for this month (August), by sewing the Tecoma Blouse!! I new immediately that I would love it because of the style, in particular, the peplum. I also love the off the shoulder option, but I decided against it because I would like to wear my blouse to church and work (with a cami underneath), without it coming off my shoulders. I used fabric (three yards), from my LA Fabric District shopping trip stash. The Tecoma Blouse is a free sewing pattern that is provided by Mood Fabrics (you can find it here), and there are step by step instructions on how to construct the pattern on their blog.

This pattern is a actually very simple to use, however it does use the technique of French seams. It's an extra step but it it is totally worth making your garment look professional!

I sewed the size 18 to be a perfect match for my bust. If I wanted to get the off-the-shoulder look, I would have had to sew a bigger size, but as mentioned before, I did not want it to fall off my shoulders.

I really enjoy how the peplum adds shape to my body figure!

I will definitely sew this again! Probably several different ones and in solid colors too! And..... I may possibly sew a bigger size in one so that I can have the off-the-shoulder look when my husband and I go out for date night!!! I'm thinking a black sparkly one!!

If you like this look, you should give it a try!!! Especially since the pattern is free99! You can get the patter by clicking here!

Back view (below).

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