DIY Birthday Dress McCall's L9427

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today's post is all about my DIY birthday dress!! Of course most of us want to feel extra special on birthdays and I most certainly do! I knew my family would be celebrating my birthday along with my father's together so I made a dress to make the occasion even more special! I originally had planned to make a different dress, but after a conversation with my mother, I decided to make McCall's 9427 that I purchased at Walmart. (You can see the dress in action on my YouTube channel if you click here)

This pattern had fourteen pattern pieces but I could have gotten away with only cutting 12 if I had realized the two long pieces were for a front and back skirt facing that was about six inches in height and the length of the whole skirt..... I could have saved a yard because I did not use it! LOL I sewed View B because I did not want to disturb the colors in the fabric by top stitching over it.

I cut a size 18, which fit well except for in the bust area because the ease that was supposed to be in the pattern was not there and it made the dress tight in that area. Although it was tight, I still think it was ok and was not that noticeable.

I used Ankara fabric and it took about five yard of 45" fabric to make. I love the sleeves, the facing and the bias tape finishings under the arm. Overall, the dress came out great and I love how it fit (other than my uniboob) LOL. More pictures of me in the dress are below! The picture of the pattern can also be found below. For a more detailed review, please visit my Youtube channel by clicking here!

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