My First Circle Skirt!

August 9, 2020

Hello!! (You can also click here to watch my YouTube video on this)
Many years ago before I sewed clothes, I purchased a bunch of circle skirts from Kohl's.  While I loved the way they looked on me in the store, once I took them home and wore them in public, I did not like the fit. Why? I’m glad you asked…. Because once I started wearing them the skirts would always slide down my waist.  I believe this happened because they did not have a waist band but I remained frustrated because I wanted that particular style of skirt but they didn’t fit correctly.
Since then, I pretty much erased circle skirts out of my mind but Instagram has a way bringing pictures your way to remind you of all current, planned and previous ideas!! Do you agree?
Anyway, I came across so lovely Ankara fabric that I fell in love with but only two yards was available to purchase.  Because I wanted the fabric, I decided that I could make a circle skirt that would actually fit me and that is exactly what I did!! 


I self drafted this skirt by using my body measurements.  I was kind of nervous when it was time to cut the fabric because I had not made a circle skirt before and I did not want to make a muslin so........ I cut directly into my fashion fabric!
However, after cutting my fabric pieces and putting them up to my body, I was please to see that the measurements were accurate…. so I thought…
Once Inserted the invisible zipper, I put the skirt on and it felt great….. until I walked….then it slid downward like the ready-to-wear skirts did when I had purchased them years ago…
It was at that point that I realized I needed to measure differently due to where I wanted the band to hit on my body.
With that being said, I measured higher than my natural waist, made the appropriate adjustments (which was cutting off an additional four inches), and now the skirt fits exactly the way I want it to!!
I paired it with a tank top that I purchased from Target for the low of $7.00.
Scroll for more pictures!!! Enjoy!! 
(You can also click here to watch my YouTube video on this)











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