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The one thing that you may not know about me is that I absolutely LOVE hats! It can be any type of hat, however, that is not an accessory that you usually see in my pictures.

Some of my “get up and go” hats are pretty beat up and the glam hats that I have do not fit well. I had picked up some patterns for hats to make some a while back but never got around to it.

One day, while scrolling through YouTube, I noticed that one of the Youtubers that I watch, Doctor Fashion, had a tutorial and a FREE PDF pattern for a bucket hat!! I immediately jumped on the opportunity to make it and I actually made two out of the same fabric! I made the original pattern which is shown below, and then I extended the brim on the second hat to make it floppy and I love both! Click here to get the pattern if you desire to make it! (Original Pattern)

(Extended the brim for a floppy look below)

Not only did I make the two hats, but I used the left over fabric to make a wristlet, coin purse and a mask. I did all of that with one yard of fabric!

Now, on the tutorial, she used a woven with no stretch and said she used her pattern many different times to make her hats and the pattern pieces fit well every time…. I didn’t exactly experience that. Let me explain…. I used a woven for the lining and I had trouble with getting the top of the hat (the circle part) to fit as it seemed to be too big. In order to adjust, I put in ease stitches to adjust the size. While that may work out with sleeves, that did not work out with the hats because it made it too small for my head and I had to remove the lining. I did not have that problem with the fashion fabric because it stretched and I could manipulate the fit. Due to those issues, I used stretch knit that I had in my stash to line the hat so that it could work. I absolutely love my hats and plan to make more!!! One more thing!!! Add a strap if you are a beach girl like be because it the wind blew it off several times! I had totally forgot about the beach breeze!! Please see below for more pictures!

Short brim below

Mask below

Top of large floppy brim below

Large floppy brim below

Short brim below

Inside of large floppy brim and mask below

Short brim and mask on


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