Making PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)!

Hello and welcome to the blog! As everyone may know, the scare of health is real around the world right now! The threat of the Corona virus has shaken the whole world! Although I do not let things shake me very hard, I did take the time to make masks for my family and friends. There are many types of ways to make masks but there are two types of masks that I decided to make. The first is similar to a surgical mask and the second one looks like the N95 shaped mask. I will post picture below so that you can see how they turned out! I have had many requests to make masks as the CDC has recommended that we wear them! If you would like to order one, please email me at

Stay safe, practice good health and keep God first!

( N95 design in the picture below... although he told me he had it on wrong LOL. There are others below wearing it the correct way).


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