McCall's 7683 Gala Dress

Welcome back! Today's post is all about this gorgeous dress that I made using McCall's pattern number 7683 (you can find it here). I made this dress because my husband and I were invited to the 100 Black Men Gala here in our city. Of course I will use any excuse to make something glamorous and this was no exception! I chose this pattern because I needed to whip something up quickly but yet I wanted it to look very nice and elegant. This pattern has no zippers or buttons so that made it very easy to make in a short time.I must say that I felt like I was "all that"...... LOL Because I had a little bit of time left, I made a fold over clutch/purse by using the scrap fabric that was left. In the last picture you will see how the lighting in the room reflected the glitter that was in my fabric....... I sparkled all night long!!!!! I purchased my fabric from Joan Fabrics and I got it on sale!! More details are in my pattern review that is on my YouTube channel (you can find my channel here). Below you will find MANY more pictures!!! Thank you for stopping by!!


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McCall's 7803