McCall's 6886 - Baby Shower Refashion Vacation Outfit 3 of 5

I don't think I posted a picture if my baby shower dress.... Reason being was because I was just super tired during my pregnancy and I didn't keep up with my blog. I also didn't make the dress to be what I wanted it to be.

I used McCall's 6886 as a template because the dress was going to be simple. I was going to add rushing in the cleavage area and I was also going to have the mermaid tail a the end of the dress.

Welp, none of that happened but I came close. I added the lace but only made a circle skirt instead of a mermaid and I did not add the rushing. After I had the baby, the dress didn't serve any purpose because I was no longer pregnant. I didn't want to save the dress because it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. With that being said, I turned it into this! .... It's the dress on the pattern cover LOL.

Below you will find a picture from the baby shower

As you can see, to transform my dress into what it is now, I simply removed the train and took the dress in to make it tighter (probably too tight).

Hey! That was the best I could do because this girl was TIRED!!! More pics below.


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