Graduation Dress!! McCall's 7719 & Butterick 6284

It's been a while from the last time that I posted an actual garment..... I have actually made a few things that I need to post but I am extremely proud of the subject today! This post is all about a graduation dress that I made for a young lady who graduated from high school (see below). I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I do not "sew for hire". I only sew for people when I am making something to give as a gift, so this experience was new for me.

The young lady in the picture asked me if I could make her graduation dress and I told her and her mother no. My main reason why I do not sew for hire is due to time and not wanting to be obligated to the deadlines. Anyway, she and her mother came to my church to ask me again and for some reason, I couldn't tell her no. When I asked what time of dress she wanted, she said she wanted an African print dress that looked like the picture below. My client's mother is a survivor from Hotel Rwanda and it is important to incorporate their culture in celebrations.

Before I told her that I could do it, I looked through my patterns to see what I could come up with. I decided to use McCall's 7719 for the Bodice and Butterick 6284 for the skirt (please see below).

The only change I made was with the collar... I did not make the downward slant because she did not prefer that.

She was so happy! I sent her pictures of fabric that I knew I could get in enough time to make the dress and it was shipped and sent in just enough time... with an expedited shipping fee that is.. The fabric was only 44 inches wide so it took 6 yards to make it due to the skirt being gathered. There was a front, two backs and four sides to the skirt. The whole dress is also fully lined and I used broadcloth from Joan Fabrics.

If you notice in the picture above, I also made a small gift to go with her dress! A matching wristlet! She went crazy over that as well! I would have never imagined her being so happy with her dress and wristlet as she was. She hugged me over and over again and that made me feel proud about moving forward with working with her instead of turning her down like I had when she first mentioned it.

It was such a joy to work with her!


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