LeJanaro B Patterns The Angie Clutch, The Erin Pouch and The Annie Pack

Today's post is about three different patterns that were designed by LeJanaro Barnes. I truly love purses, coin bags, wristlets, etc. so the launch of her patterns were exciting to me! Two of the patterns were actually free! All you have to do is subscribe to her newsletter and you can get the Annie Pack and Angie Clutch for free. You can subscribe to her newsletter or click on the individual options here to get the PDF patterns. Let me start by saying that all of the patterns above are great, but the pattern that I like the most is the Annie Pack (below) and I have really good reasons why! One reason is because with me just having a baby, I am no longer interested in carrying a purse on my shoulder along with a diaper back and a baby carrier. I knew immediately that I would make this as soon as I read the post of it coming out so that I could free up a shoulder LOL. Another reason why I like this one the most s because my family and I go on vacation every year in the summer and we like to take small personal items such as identification, money, chap-stick, etc. when were are touring. Wearing the Annie Pack will allow for us to put all of those small items on our bodies and not have to worry about leaving it behind. I made a few Annie Packs and the pictures are below. This one is the first one that I made (below). I was very please with how this came out so I decided to make several more. The one thing that I would be careful about with this pattern is making sure you cut the pattern pieces as straight as you can. As you can see below, my top pattern piece was a little off. I purchased the fabric from Walmart. Scroll down to see the others.

This Minnie Mouse Annie Pack was the second one that I made (below). I made this for my sister-in-law and niece because they will be going to Disney World soon and this would be great for them to put things in as well! They were very excited to get them!!

The third one (below) was one that I made for myself but I also made one for my mother. I made this one because I wanted a fabric that would not get dirty. I also like this fabric because it matches with everything and it is pretty trendy. It is also more firm and this is my favorite one. When I gave my mother hers, she asked where I had purchased it from. I let her know that I purchased this fabric from Walmart but I made it. My mother was surprised!! Although she sews, she never did get in to making clutches or bags so I guess it just didn't cross her mind.

Now lets talk about the Erin Pouch (below). I used this pattern to make a Mother's Day gift for one of my sister's. Last week she had actually requested one that would be made out of the same fabric as the black Annie Pack but she wanted a red zipper. What great timing to ask!!! The perfect gift! What I like most about this pattern is the front pocket and the wristlet option. The only thing that I did different with this is how I constructed the wristlet as I eliminated the swivel clasp.

The last pattern that I made is the Angie Clutch (below). I was actually a pattern tester for this pattern. I enjoyed testing the pattern and I like how this came out as well. This is the type of clutch that I would take to dinner with my hubby or friends. Now I could make a more casual ones and you could take it anywhere, but I would rather use this in a more formal type of setting. What I liked most about this pattern was how the corners were rounded and the it also included an interior pocket and a front zipper. This fabric was also purchased from Walmart. Please see below for pics.

Welp, that rounds up my review for these three patterns!

Which one do you like best?


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