Poncho/Cape with Hood McCall's 7202

Today's post is about this cute Poncho/Cape that I made using McCall's 7202 (you can find it here). I have been wanting to make a simple lose fitting coat for this winter and I looked on line and in the catalog books at the fabric stores to compare the finished looks and this was the one that I picked. McCall's 7202 is a Misses' Poncho pattern with hood variations. It is also considered a "Learn to Sew" pattern. I was surprised that out of all of the patterns that I picked from, I would end up with a "Learn to Sew".

The view that I made out of this pattern is view B. I picked this view because I wanted a hood but without the draping scarf. Not that I think the scarf is bad, but I just wasn't sure that I wanted that much fabric draping over me without it being an option to take it off.

The fabric that I used is the Anti-Pill Fleece Fabric - Houndstooth from Joan Fabrics. You can find the fabric here. The fabric is available to order online or ready to cut in the store. I actually looked online first because the stores normally don't have what I want but I was surprised to see that it was available at my local Joan's and I was able to get it for 60% off!

Once I had the poncho/cape completely sewed up (minus the snaps), I felt like something was missing. I mean..... it was ok, but me being who I am, I wanted to glam it up! Originally I thought the print would be enough but it was not. I decided that I would purchase some faux fur, measure it out, and add it as a trim. I also purchsed the fur from Joan Fabrics and you can find the faux fur here (if this is not the original, this is very similar). The drama with this fur was unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had not worked with this before and didn't realize that it was going to fly ALL OVER the place!! The strands are very little (unlike other faux fur), and as I was breathing, I was actually breathing it in my nose and started to choke!!!

I had to put the project down for a day or so and then I came back to it with a mask to finish!! Once I had everything cut out, I took a vacuum to the fur and vacuumed all of the edges that were shedding from the cuts and I also vacuumed all of the lose strands that were on the cutting board or that had landed on top of the trim so that I would not have to choke again. Once I cleaned it up, I was good to go!!

Overall, I really love my cape and I have already gone back to Joan fabrics to get more fabric and fur to make my next one. The next one I will make will be chocolate brown with a mixture of black, brown and tan faux fur as a trim. I really like the view that I made this time so I will sew the same view again. Below you will find more pictures and a pattern review. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave comments!!!

Pattern Review Pattern Number: McCall’s 7202 Pattern Description: Misses’ Poncho with Hood Variations

Pattern Sizing: It reads 4-26 online but the patterns read XS –XXL

Size That I Cut: XL to make it more comfortable View That I Cut: B Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The draping lose fit

Fabric Used: Anti-Pill Fleece

Where was the Fabric Purchased? Joan Fabrics

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Yes, I extended the view by 2.5 inches to make it longer and I added faux fur as trim.

Would you sew it again? Yes, I already have the fabric and trim ready!!! Would you recommend it to others? Yes Difficulty Level: Very easy


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