Dance Dress; McCall's 7309

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Today’s post is how I took a simple dress pattern for a little girl and turned it into what I needed it to be…… A Praise/Worship Dance Dress!! A picture of the pattern that I used is below.

If you have read information in my “About me” section of my blog, you would know that I volunteer and do a lot of work for my church. With that being said, a little while back, the children were going to perform a song and the girls were going to dance to it. The leaders wanted the girls to be in uniform so they asked if I would make dresses for them to dance in.

I didn’t give them an answer at first because as of right now (and then), I am not particularly fond of self-drafting and I didn’t think there would be a pattern that would come close to at least hacking. I needed a dress that looked like this picture below.

I scrolled through all of the patterns made by all of the five major pattern companies and McCall Pattern Company, M7309, was the only brand who had what I needed! I was extremely happy and off to Joan Fabrics I went to get the pattern!! I picked up the pattern and cut the largest size for all four that were going to dance because I didn’t get a chance to measure them.

Although the sleeves were too long on the smaller girls, they were still able to wear them and they can grow into them later on.

A few things that allowed this dress to look like a performance dress was: 1. I used a gold performance knit for the neck and sleeve bands 2. I used an all-white fabric (for an angelic appearance)

3. I make the sleeves longer

As you can see, the only true adjustment was making the sleeve longer which is no big deal at all.

So…… If your church needs dresses for the little girls, why not try this!!! Scroll down for more pictures and a pattern review!!

Pattern Review Pattern Number: McCall’s 7309 You can find it here. Pattern Description: Children’s / Girls’ Handkerchief-Hem Dresses

Pattern Sizing: 2-8

Size That I Cut: 8 (One size fits all LOL) View That I Cut: D Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved how I could take this pattern that would normally look like a little girl’s dress and turn it into a worship dance dress without making any major alterations.

Fabric Used: Knit (Can’t remember what kind) It’s a very cheap fabric that I had sitting around the house to use as a lining. The fabric is kind of transparent so the girls are asked to wear undergarments when they perform. Where was the Fabric Purchased? Walmart

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I just made the sleeves longer.

Would you sew it again? Yes, in a heavier fabric… I just used what I had at the house to make it happen quickly.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes Difficulty Level: Easy (It’s a Learn to Sew pattern)


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